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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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before 4:30. are you counting frank? >> no, i'm just looking at the fog. >> i almost called you mank! [ laughter ] >> there's a story behind is that! >> all right. thursday, november 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. and i am outnumbered this morning. it is 4:30! >> always. >> every morning! three morning. if you only knew what was going on before the show! [ laughter ] we have a very thin layer of fog lining the coast and also some ground fog throughout the tri-valley. temperature-wise in the 40s and 50s. and later today with the abundance of sunshine temperatures from 63 in pacifica. yes, it's autumn here in the bay area with above average temperatures up to 72 in santa rosa. i have big time weather changes to talk about. that's coming up a little later in this newscast but right now let's say good morning to liza battalones. >> it's the same construction which may cost you some time now along 580 through oakland. caltrans is out there westbound
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between broadway and the maze until 5:00 this morning. no major accidents. we'll have traffic in 10 minutes. new and dramatic images have emerged from friday's terror attacks in paris. surveillance video obtained by the "daily mail" showing all the chaos outside a restaurant. terrorists can be seen in the top left hand corner. patrons dive inside take cover as bullets and glass fly everywhere. people running for their lives. there's an image of the woman the publication referred to as the luciest woman in the world. -- luckiest woman in the world. the gunman is aiming at her point-blank but the weapon jams and she escapes. the face of the alleged ringleader of the -- fate of the alleged ringleader is uncertain. jonathan vigliotti reports. >> reporter: just a day after the raid in saint-denis, forensic experts are trying to figure out if abdelhamid abaaoud was among two terrorists killed.
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s.w.a.t. teams raided this apartment wednesday where the alleged mastermind of last week's terror attacks was thought to be hiding. law enforcement officials say one suspect was killed as police threw grenades and fired 5,000 rounds during the onslaught. a female suicide bomber also died after detonating an explosive vest. eight others including seven men and a woman were arrested but authorities say abaaoud and another fugitive salah abdeslam were not among them. the topic will be the focus when hollande meets with president obama next week in washington. >> they are not coming to ask for divisions of troops to go invade anyplace. they are going to need help with what's called intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, isr. >> reporter: so far officials say the air strikes carried out by french jets and other forces have killed more than two dozen isis militants in the syrian
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stronghold of raqqa this week. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, paris. >> as part of the stepped up military campaign the french aircraft carrier charles degaulle is on the way to the eastern mediterranean. we are learning more about what happened at the bataclan theatre. a sacramento band the death tones was there with its crew. they left just 10 minutes before the terrorists came in and started shooting. the band was supposed to play there the following night. . >> we were lucky. i need to continue on. this is what we do. you can't stop us. you can't stop the love and you can't stop gathering. that's the main thing. >> isis has released a new video suggesting new york city is a potential target. it shows scenes from manhattan and a suicide bomber preparing explosives. the nypd says the video reaffirms the message that new york city remains a top terrorist target. late last night, new york mayor bill de blasio said the city
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will not be intimidated by the new video. isis says this is the bomb it used to take down a russian passenger plane last month saying the explosive fit into the soda can and was able to get it past security at the airport in egypt where the flight took off. the plane was headed to russia but it blew up over the sinai peninsula killing all 224 people on board. in the bay area, police say there are no terror ties to a man accused of scrawling an islamic symbol on a french- american school in san francisco. surveillance video led investigators to arrest this man, edward vanwright a 44-year- old transient. he is charged with trespassing and vandalism. the graffiti found tuesday on a playground wall is a simple for the 5% nation, an offshoot of the nation of islam. san francisco police say there is no threat to school, students or staff. uc-berkeley has decided not to reinstate a student accused of rape even though the d.a.
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determine there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. as kpix 5's christin ayers reports, the accuser and her supporters are declaring victory and are pursuing more. reporter: protestors erupted in cheers as the decision was announced. >> you are a rapist! >> reporter: sophomore stephanie garcia is the student who accused him of rape. >> i definitely fought hard for my voice to be heard. i won. i made my statements clear and at the end of the day i just told the truth. >> reporter: but the decision wasn't as clear-cut. her lawyer says the board found that stephanie's alleged rapist violated sections of the student code of conduct. >> they concluded that on the basis that she was a minor. >> reporter: not on the basis that she was raped. but because she was 17 at the time. to make matters worse, the district attorney's office has declined to press charges a fact that didn't stop protestors from plastering the man's face on posters emblazoned with the word rapist. >> when the students are all claiming he is a rapist, what
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they are saying is that this panel by a preponderance of the evidence found that he was. it's a far lower standard than in the criminal system. >> reporter: kpix 5 legal analyst ladoris cordell says a prosecutor would only press charges if they could prove the assault happened beyond reasonable doubt. >> they don't go down that road unless they really feel they have a strong enough case. >> reporter: stephanie and her lawyers say they plan to hand over the board's decision to the d.a.'s office to once again pursue criminal charges. in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. we got a little rain coming in next week for the holiday but the next few days look beautiful. >> i got to say, yes, we have the rain that's going to be coming in just in time for that getaway wednesday. boy, it's a week from today. but most notely what everybody will be talking about the much cooler weather beginning next tuesday. good morning, everyone. it's mild out the door. you know what's so awesome is that we have a thin layer of low clouds not only at the
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coast but inland. it's that ground fog and temperatures right now with that foggy condition 45 in livermore. it is in the mid-40s in concord and now 53 degrees in san francisco. winds will be out of the northwest about 5 to 10 miles per hour today. we'll scour out any kind of clouds that we have next to the coast. temperatures we'll go back into the 70s. these temperatures are more spring-like and very indicative of the month of november. so 60s at the peninsula, south bay east of the bay going up to about 70 degrees towards mountain house. north of the golden gate bridge 74 in santa rosa. we have the full forecast including thanksgiving that's coming up shortly but right now let's bring in liza. >> good morning, everybody. happy thursday. the bay bridge commute is looking good right now. very light traffic awaits you for the drive out of oakland into san francisco. we are hearing from the chp now and caltrans that the roadwork we had along 580 in that westbound direction has been picked up so all lanes are open between broadway and the maze. just a very brief delay in a couple of the cash lanes at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are still off. north bay commuting looking good. southbound traffic very quiet approaching the golden gate bridge. visibility not an issue this morning. southbound traffic flows well heading into the city and if you are a north bay driver just be aware that highway 37 at 1 21 which was shut down yesterday because of an accident is now open. it was reopened last night. traffic is flowing well now for both directions of 37. a san francisco woman has lost a contentious custody battle to her ex-husband over their frozen embryos. cate caugiran has details on a judge's decision. >> this decision was thoughtful and recent. >> reporter: a deal is a deal. a san francisco judge ruled mimi lee had to honor the original agreement she made with her ex-husband steven findley. >> that it has a specific provision that says should we
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divorce, should we dissolve our marriage, then those eggs will be destroyed. >> reporter: mimi and steve froze the embryos before they got married after they found out mimi had breast cancer and before treatments left her inertle. then they got -- infertile. then they got divorced and she wanted the judge to throw out the agreement saying they are the last chance to have children. >> the court said no. you signed the agreement and that's it. >> reporter: court documents show he was also afraid mimi would come after him for child support. ladoris cordell says this case is pretty straightforward. >> the judge said you signed a contract. it's binding. i'm enforcing it. and therefore, the eggs are going to be destroyed. and i can't argue with that. >> reporter: it's important to note there is a difference between freezing embryos and women's eggs. if mimi had frozen her eggs this would be different. right now, nothing will happen to those embryos because mimi still does have the right to appeal. in san francisco, cate
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caugiran, kpix 5. city leaders in oakland say sideshows will getting out of hand with rowdy crowds and cars spinning donuts on streets an freeways. this was the scene over the weekend as police tried to break up an event. the mayor libby schaaf is asking governor brown and the highway patrol for help. >> actually been giving up a squad every weekend but we saw last weekend that that wasn't enough. >> police say last week's sideshow drew 700 cars and people from as far away as fresno and los angeles. some of them pelted officers with bottled and destroyed a police car. there were no arrests. time now is 4:40. a courtroom takedown is caught on camera. a bailiff tackles an attorney during a hearing. we'll run through the shocking scuffle next!
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physical, and its all caugh video... it shows a bailiff, tackling california deputy attorney general jene mariah kelly. the bailiff says kelly was yelling at t defense attorney, and refuso tone it courtroom confrontation shows a bailiff taking a female
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attorney. he said she was yelling at the defense attorney and refused to tone it down and resisted when he tried to escort her out last month in san luis obispo. courtroom veterans were stunned. >> he grabs her hands and she pushes him away. and now he throws her to the ground. the first thing they learn as a bailiff is how to defuse a situation. >> kelly the state attorney was arrested for resisting an officer. her attorney says spirited discussion between lawyers is just part of the job and kelly did nothing wrong. the investigators are now reviewing this video. some parents claim school officials are not doing enough about a racially charged threat found at berkeley high school. more now from kpix 5's mark kelly. [ chanting ] >> reporter: chanting that the public comment period is not enough, parents are demanding the school board set up a town hall to address racism in
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berkeley unified. >> make sure that these students kno that you will hold people accountable if they are wrong. >> reporter: this month a berkeley high ninth grader posted this hateful message on a school computer. he used the "n" word twice and threatened a public lynching next month specifically december 9. >> he say shame on you! you sit there quietly because that's what you want to do. >> reporter: the district says to protect the student's privacy they can't tell parents or us what, if anything, his punishment is. >> that's the end of it. that's not something we could decide to break the law and share that information. >> reporter: the school district says it is doing everything it can so when december 9 comes, students don't feel threatened. >> and the day is going to be a day where we stand united against racism. >> reporter: the group, parents
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of children of african descent, is demanding the school do a better job educating teachers on race relations. >> constantly have teachers tell us. we don't know how to talk about race. we don't know how to have this discussion. >> reporter: the school will step up security on december 9. parents aren't convinced. >> i definitely will be keeping my kid at home. >> reporter: in berkeley, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> berkeley unionified said students were never in any danger from the message on that computer. we have breaking news. a french prosecutor now confirms the suspected ringleader of last week's attacks in paris was killed yesterday. it took more than a day for officials to determine whether abdelhamid abaaoud was among the two people killed in a raid on an apartment. he is now confirmed dead. a man faces a costly sentence for flying a drone into the path of an l.a. police chase. the interference last august forced an lapd chopper to abandon the search for an assault suspect. as punishment, that owner will have to give up his $6,000 drone, do 30 days of community
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service. he is also banned from owning a drone for the next three years. more broadly, drone manufacturers are trying to address that problem of interference. the latest consumer models are on display at the drone world expo in downtown san jose. one from china has features designed to keep drone pilots out of trouble. >> the motors won't start near an airport. it won't fly above 400 feet. it has no-fly zones built into it stadiums, that sort of thing built into it. so it has geo fencing. >> not being able to boot up the actual drone within a commercial airport. >> the hope is that operators will learn the responsibilities that come with flying. the faa says it gets 1 00 reports a month from pilots who say they have seen drones flying near planes and airport. >> do we need more tea on table 5? >> my voice is better. >> couple of high notes. >> i'm so fast nature by that
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drone convention. i would love to be there today. >> five years ago we didn't even know what one was but now they are all over the place. >> you can get one of those up in the high sierra when you're missing a skier or snowboarder, sending it out to look for them. >> sure. >> yeah. all right. good morning. heading out the door this morning, i was just listening to that drone report talking about a ceiling above 400 feet. right now the ceiling is at 400 feet and some inland areas have ground fog developing. otherwise clear skies over mineta international airport. it is now 42 in santa rosa. it is 54 in oakland. it's in the mid-40s in concord. here's what you need to know today. we have that area of thin patchy fog along the coast and into our inland areas. lots of sunshine today all the way through sunday. then we have big-time weather changes in the offing for next week. you will certainly feel the difference. not so much today. today you can tell right there
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that's why we have that huge dome of high pressure deflecting storms to the north of us. you can see the much-needed precipitation banging up against the northwestern section of the state of california. here's that ridge of high pressure and it continues to get closer to the coast. that's why our temperatures will be going up today. then this area of low pressure developing in the gulf of alaska going to take a huge nosedive into our area. it looks like late tuesday or wednesday for the getaway day into thanksgiving. it could be wet, as well. not a lot of precipitation, maybe up to .75." but it's going to be so much colder. today warmer, 68 degrees state capital. 57 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. currently, with the wind chill, it is 22 degrees. 66 in san francisco today. 72, 73 in the santa rosa area. that's the outside number. tomorrow additional warming takes place and the big time changes by next tuesday evening. that's a look at weather.
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here's liza. on this thursday, mini friday, light traffic awaits you for most of our commute. you can always count on the usual slow traffic on 580. this is on the approach to the altamont pass. so the backups begin at the 205 interchange. it stays heavy to just beyond grant line still moves well through livermore bound for the dublin and pleasanton areas. meantime if you plan on making the commute along 880, that's wide open. no delays through oakland. no roadwork, either. so both directions of 880 look okay. southbound traffic moves well leaving hayward bound for fremont heading into milpitas. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have a brief delay just on the left side of the toll plaza. a couple of those cash lanes. still moving well for all feeder freeways leading towards the maze. the north bay compute looks okay. we have that big accident yesterday which shut down highway 37. 37 was reopened last night approaching 121. all north bay freeways are moving at the speed limit at this hour. as with the silicon valley, you're in good shape for both
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directions of 101. 280 moves well approaching downtown. we don't have any problems reported so far for local transit. so our first bart trains are out of the yard on time, no delays for the altamont commuter express. that's "kcbs traffic." a student inventor at uc- berkeley just gave an 8-year- old girl named sophie a helping hand. >> pretty cool. sophie was born missing four of her left fingers so now she has a super hand built on a 3d printer at cam. the designer's goal is to give the design away online to enable other researchers around the world to keep improving on the hand. >> it can be upgraded an even it can be better than human hands. so it can do something that our hand cannot do. so not just giving like same functionality with hand work, like same looking. we can actually make it better. >> it costs less than 10 to make each prototype of that super hand. how about that? >> great. time now 4:50. apparently there are illegal
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tamales. next we'll show you how a passenger at l.a.x. learned the hard way that you can't always bring your favorite food on your flight. >> oh-oh. and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. a thief caught on camera...y taking a selfie. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're a week away from thanksgiving and our temperatures are more spring- like than the month of november. 60s and 70s today. good morning, san francisco. 67 degrees. same in alameda. low 70s in santa rosa.
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and hello, windsor at 73 degrees. traffic is moving well at the bay bridge toll plaza. just a brief delay in a couple of the cash lanes. 580, 24, 880, all looking good heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" in less than 10 minutes. a thief is caught on camera by taking a selfie. this woman is accused of knocking an el cerrito high school student to the ground and stealing her cell phone. the suspect took this selfie which the victim found on her cloud storage account. police are hoping someone recognizes her and turns her in. 4:54 your time. three south bay business owners are behind bars this morning after police busted a human trafficking ring. santa clara county investigators say the six victims who are from spain were forced to work for next to nothing at a restaurant and a salon in saratoga. three owners were arrested on charges of human trafficking and wage theft. >> they came here from spain. they were here on vacation.
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and then they were forced to work with either no pay paying off a debt or they were get very minimum wages. >> at this point i can't believe it. i only wish the best for the owner obviously, like he treated me and my family really great. >> the victims have been referred an ad agency that specializes in human trafficking cases. a bust at l.a.x. u.s. customs agents seized 450 pork tamales. a passenger coming from mexico had them in his bag. he lied on his customs form and said they didn't contain meat which is illegal to bring undeclared foot country. they through -- into the country. they tossed them and fined him $1,000. "covered california" is surprised by the extraordinary high number of dental plan
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enrollments. more than 33,000 people opted for family coverage. and others have elected for add-on adult dental coverage. enrollment is open through january 31. today's the initial public offering for square, a mobile payment provider based in san francisco. starting price is just $9 a share well below the $11 to $13 ipo that was initially expected. and that values the company at just under $3 billion. square is run by jack dorsey, who is also ceo of twitter. neither company has posted a profit yet. it is 4:56 right now. the entire globe on edge after the terror attacks in paris. this morning we'll talk about how new york city is responding to an implied threat by isis. >> reporter: a new gun control measure to be announced today. coming up, the details on the proposal and the crimes that sparked it. ,,,,
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good morning. a live look outside as people are coming into work. that's the bay bridge toll plaza at the ungodly hour of 4:59. >> 4:59! >> nice and early. >> it is thursday, november 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a french prosecutor now says the suspending mastermind of last week's attacks in paris is dead. it took more than a day for officials to determine whether abdelhamid abaaoud was among the two people killed in a raid on an apartment in a paris suburb yesterday. now they are confirming that he died during the seven hour standoff in saint-denis. president obama still plans to travel to paris for upcoming climate talks. obama is scheduled to be there on november 30 and december 1. a white house official says the u.s. has great confidence in the french government. the two countries have been sharing intelligence since the attacks but france wants more
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help in the fight. >> they are not coming to consider for divisions of troops to go invade anyplace. they are needing help with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. >> the french president will meet will mr. obama next week in washington and so far officials say air strikes carried out by french and russian jets in raqqa have killed more than 2 dozen isis militants. the mayor of new york city is urging people to go about their lives normally despite a threatening video from isis. don champion reports from times square. reporter: heavily armed officers now stand guard in new york city's times square. the landmark is at the center of a new threat from isis. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> reporter: in a rare late night press conference wednesday, city officials called for vigilance. the threat came in a video released online by the terror group. it shows a suicide bomber preparing for an attack and footage of tourist sites and restaurants in times square. >> there was


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